SRI BHASYA ( Ramanuja’s commentry on Brahma-Sutra)

Srimate Ramanujaay Namah

  1. Introduction:

2. 1st Sutra: Athato Brahma Jigyaasa:

3. 2nd Sutra: Janmaadi Yasya yatah:

4. 2nd Sutra further explained:

5. 3rd Sutra: Shastrayonitvaat:

6. 4th Sutra: Tat tu Samanvyaat

7. Brahma-Sutra 2.1.32 (प्रयोजनवत्त्वात् अधिकरणम). :

Author: ramanujramprapnna

studying Ramanuj school of Vishishtadvait vedant

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