Satyabhama-Krishna Story

One sweet day, Govinda was sleeping in satyabhama’s bedroom. Satyabhama was looking at the beauty of Madan Mohan..Quite enchanted, she was not getting sleep. She went into old thoughts..How much Krishna loved her!! He brought Paarijaat tree and defeated Indra. She was even honoured to accompany Krishna in battlefield. Who else in the world have such a husband with broad, enchanting, lotus like eyes, curly hairs, shyamal moon-like face and Sun like radiance.

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While Satyahama was having goosebumps of her thoughts, she suddenly noticed Krishna murmuring something in his dreams.

“Neele! tav nayane smaraami..satatm.”

(Nila!! I remember ur eyes)


What?? Krishna was remembering someone else in his dreams?


Madhre! tav vachanam smaraami..satatam”

(Mudhra!! I ever remember your voice)


Who is Neela and Madhura?? May be next time he calls my name.


Kamale!! tav adhare smaraami satatam

(kamala! ….)


That’s too much..Ohh Lord!! Who can more unfortunate than me? Sleeping in my bedroom, he is remembering other girls. Not even once he called my name. What a fool I am, who considered that Krishna love me the most. Heartbroken.. She waked Krishna of his dreams.
Krishna woke up and Satyabhama played the video-recording infront of him. Krishna was clueless. He was caught red-handed. Satyabhama was about to weep when Krishna intervened.
“Priye listen to me..I love only you.”
“Then who are Nila, Madhura and Kamala”?
“Ohh satyabhama!! These are not names but adjectives. You are nila-nayane (blue-eyed), Madhur-vachane (sweet-voiced) and kamal-adhare (lotus-lips).
All the time I think of none but you. See, even in dreams, I remember you.
Satyabhama blushed. She got tears of love. Krishna wiped off her tears and thus husband and wife giggled.

Such are the glorious pastimes of bhu-devi and Perumal.


Author: ramanujramprapnna

studying Ramanuj school of Vishishtadvait vedant

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