Tanian 2


 anna vayaṛ puduvaiy āṇḍāḷ araṅgarku

pannu tiruppāvai palpadiyam, inniśayāl

pāḍi koḍuttāḷ naṛpāmālai, pūmālai

cuḍi koḍuttāḷai collu.

The saint-poetess Āṇḍāḷ was born in Srivilliputtur (puduvai) which was surrounded by paddy-fields and water reservoirs full of beautiful swans. She dedicated her beautiful garland of songs to Krishna, singing them sweetly. She also offered to Him (Krishna) the flower-garland, after wearing it herself. May all of us revere her and sing her poems.


Vayar: crops.

Annam: swans (hanshas)

Sri villiputtur’s fields are surrounded by Swans (hansaas).When we see crop fields, we usually find only ducks and cranes, roaming around and eating fishes. But Sri villiputtur’s fields are not the same. They are filled with Swans. The beauty of Swans is that they separate milk from water and they walk elegantly as well.

We are the field (idam shareeram kauntey kshetrah, Geeta 13.2 ). These are not just hansaas but ‘Param-hansaas’ e.g Ramanuj, Parashar bhattar, Vedant-Desika.  Also, a Hansa walks beautifully, elegantly.

Goda devi teaches these hansas to walk beautifully in the field (Preaching). Thus Goda got her name “anna vayaṛ puduvaiy āṇḍāḷ”.

She Offered many beautiful songs (thirupavai) to  Aranga  (Lord Ranganath). Other than that, she herself wore a Garland of flowers and gave her uchchhistam to Ranganath Swami.

She taught us jeevatmas- “You be a garland and offer yourself to him. Chant his names using your mouth. Give out of joy, not forcefully.” Chant the names of Aandal.

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